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    Think about this for a moment - If you could somehow recover all the interest you are paying to a bank, or other lending institution, how much faster would your wealth grow?

    This includes credit cards, car loans, equipment loans, and even mortgages. The average Canadian pays $0.34 of every earned dollar as an interest expense!

    This is money you will never see again. This is the way we have all been taught to think.

    NOW imagine that there is a way for this money come back to you in a tax-favourable account that you control - just like hundreds of thousands of people are doing today.


    Discover Wealth Economics

    Devoted to Recovering Financing Costs
    Using The Infinite Banking Strategy as an alternative to
    financing through the bank
    Allowing you to finance purchases with CASH FLOW,
    not credit, and build wealth for you and future generations
    You wouldn’t use a 1980’s cell phone today. So why use a 1980’s savings vehicle? Just like your Smartphone does more than one job today, replacing your GPS, replacing your camera, serving as your media source, your private messaging service, etc., so your dollars must do multiple jobs today.

    Wealth Economics 101 teaches people how to create and profit from the process of banking in a way that you haven’t experienced before! This process is known as the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC).

    We invite you to subscribe to our latest sequence of 4 powerful email excerpts that will revolutionize how you were taught to think about money. These are excerpts of my upcoming book, Think Like a Banker. Each email will summarize an important piece of IBC as taught by the creator, R. Nelson Nash.

    IBC is for individuals to take more control over the financing and banking functions in their lives. (You can unsubscribe at any time you choose).

    Along with your subscription you will receive a FREE EBOOK on how to build a legacy of ongoing wealth for you and future generations.

    - For your FREE EBOOK, and FOUR exciting excerpts of ‘Thinking Like a Banker’ and how to profit from the process of banking. You will receive one email each day for the next 4 days.

    As Financial Educators, we must challenge the idea of getting just one use out of every dollar and cultivate a mindset where one dollar can do many jobs - where there is abundance vs. scarcity; where there is utilization vs. accumulation; and finally, where there is cash flow vs. net worth - and in the end, discover a whole new world of wealth utilization.

    Please enjoy these free excerpts.
    Will Moran
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